The Unix and Internet Fundamentals HOWTO

Eric Raymond


Revision History
Revision 2.52002-02-02Revised by: esr
Corrected description of IP.
Revision 2.42001-06-12Revised by: esr
Where to find more.
Revision 2.32001-05-21Revised by: esr
Introduction to bus types. Polish translation link.
Revision 2.22001-02-05Revised by: esr
New section on how DNS is organized. Corrected for new location of document. Various copy-edit fixes.
Revision 2.12000-11-29Revised by: esr
Correct explanation of twos-complement numbers. Various copy-edit fixes.
Revision 2.02000-08-05Revised by: esr
First DocBook version. Detailed description of memory hierarchy.
Revision 1.72000-03-06Revised by: esr
Correct and expanded the section on file permissions.
Revision 1.41999-09-25Revised by: esr
Be more precise about what kernel does vs. what init does.
Revision 1.31999-06-27Revised by: esr
The sections `What happens when you log in?' and `File ownership, permissions and security'.
Revision 1.21998-12-26Revised by: esr
The section `How does my computer store things in memory?'.
Revision 1.01998-10-29Revised by: esr
Initial revision.

This document describes the working basics of PC-class computers, Unix-like operating systems, and the Internet in non-technical language.