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LinuxSelfhelp, the website devoted to helping Linux users help themselves, is looking for contributions from the Linux community.

One of the reasons Linux is a "friendly" operating system is that there is a huge community of people supporting your use of the platform. It's a support group like no other in the world. We at LinuxSelfhelp want to harness a small but useful portion of this community to provide a meaningful service to Linux users everywhere, whether you are a newbie or a certified Unix system administrator. Become a part of the self-supporting network of Linux users and contribute to LinuxSelfhelp.

What does it mean to contribute?

We are primarily looking for support-related documentation to increase the utility of this website. This includes howtos, tutorials, new Linux terms and definitions, quickstart guides, guides for beginners, troubleshooting tips or anything else that a Linux user might find useful. Your experiences with Linux, good or bad, are also welcome, including your evaluation of certain Linux products, installation gotchas and general editorial pieces.

If you submit an article that is accepted by LinuxSelfhelp, we will do the following:

Unfortunately, since LinuxSelfhelp is completely volunteer supported, we cannot pay you for your submissions. However, you should benefit greatly from the respect that others will have for you as a Linux expert and the peace of mind that comes with making a small yet noticeable impact on the well-being of the entire Linux community!

Please send your submissions to We will notify you promptly if we decide to publish your work on this website.

Rather than simply watch the Linux revolution, why not participate in it? Send your submissions today.