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Database-SQL-RDBMS HOW-TO document for Linux (PostgreSQL Object Relational Database System)

Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan)

v17.0, 11 March 2000

This document is a "practical guide" to very quickly setup a SQL Database engine and front end tools on a Unix system. It also discusses the International standard language ANSI/ISO SQL and reviews the merits/advantages of the SQL database engine developed by the world-wide internet in an "open development" environment. It is about HOW-TO setup a next generation Object Relational SQL Database "PostgreSQL" on Unix system which can be used as a Application Database Server or as a Web Database Server. PostgreSQL attempts to implement current and future International ISO/ANSI SQL standards. This document also gives information on the database interface programs like Front End GUIs, RAD tools (Rapid Application Development), ODBC, JDBC drivers, "C", "C++", Java, Perl programming interfaces and Web Database Tools. Information given here applies to all Unix/Windows NT platforms and to all other SQL databases. It will be very useful for people who are new to Databases, SQL language and PostgreSQL. This document also has SQL tutorial, SQL syntax which would be very helpful for beginners. Experienced people will find this document as a useful reference guide. For students, the information given here will enable them to get the source code for PostgreSQL relational database system, from which they can learn as to how a RDBMS SQL database engine is created.

1. Introduction

2. Laws of Physics applies to Software!

3. What is PostgreSQL ?

4. Where to get it ?

5. PostgreSQL Quick-Installation Instructions

6. PostgreSQL Supports Extremely Large Databases greater than 200 Gig

7. How can I trust PostgreSQL ? Regression Test Package builds customer confidence

8. GUI FrontEnd Tool for PostgreSQL (Graphical User Interface)

9. Interface Drivers for PostgreSQL

10. Perl Database Interface (DBI) Driver for PostgreSQL

11. PostgreSQL Management Tools

12. Setting up multi-boxes PostgreSQL with just one monitor

13. Applications and Tools for PostgreSQL

14. Web Database Design/Implementation tool for PostgreSQL - EARP

15. PHP Hypertext Preprocessor - Server-side html-embedded scripting language for PostgreSQL

16. Python Interface for PostgreSQL

17. Gateway between PostgreSQL and the WWW - WDB-P95

18. "C", "C++", ESQL/C language Interfaces and Bitwise Operators for PostgreSQL

19. Japanese Kanji Code for PostgreSQL

20. PostgreSQL Port to Windows 95/Windows NT

21. Mailing Lists

22. Documentation and Reference Books

23. Technical support for PostgreSQL

24. Economic and Business Aspects

25. List of Other Databases

26. Internet World Wide Web Searching Tips

27. Conclusion

28. FAQ - Questions on PostgreSQL

29. Other Formats of this Document

30. Copyright Notice


31. Appendix A - Syntax of ANSI/ISO SQL 1992

32. Appendix B - SQL Tutorial for beginners

33. Appendix C - Linux Quick Install Instructions

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